Management and Human Resources Committee

In the operation of the Bank the perfection of the ability, capacity and capability of the staff coupled with the compliance of the rules and regulations play and important part. With this view in sight the Management and Human Resources Committee is systematically formed to provide the necessary instructions and fixative of procedure. Thus the committee is found working systematically.

New Branch Construction Committee

New branch opening committee’s functions are to make the registration of Land and building; to construct the building; to manage and to inspect the conditions of building.

New Branch Opening Committee

New branch opening committee was formed to monitor in opening new branches in suitable location in the country.

IT and Banking Development Committee

Such additional Banking business as acceptance of deposits, issue of credit, and financial services are reformed. And security and services are conducted in accurate, prompt, right manner.

At the network of Banking business becomes wider and wider, innovative services changing with the time grow. Online Banking has been introduced throughout the country by using Computer System and use of IPSTAR satellite communication System. Through the contact with the network deposit and withdrawal of money is done throughout the country.

The aim of this Committee is to introduce the use of ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and the use of Debit Card, Credit Card etc: these facilities are available to the public. In this way new idea, new system and play are always thought of whenever such opportunity is open to the Bank in conformity international economic conditions.

Credit and Assets Management Committee

The success and growth of banking business mainly depends on the issue of qualified create on the deposits lodged with the Bank aiming at the object the Credit and Assets Management Committee is formed to enable the Bank to run efficiently and successfully and to watch constantly over the business of credit.

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