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Myanmar Microfinance Bank (MMB)

The Myanmar Microfinance Bank Limited was established on 2nd July 2013 with the permission of the Central Bank of Myanmar Under the law of Financial Institutions of Myanmar and the law of the Central Bank of Myanmar.

License MaVaBa/P-30/(7)2013 (1) dated. 2.7.2013 was granted by the Central Bank of Myanmar, the Ministry of Finance and Revenue to operate as Development Bank and Investment Bank and also commercial Bank.The Bank is now ready to provide financial services to the public. It has already employed more than three hundred of employees to start banking which will be mutually beneficially to depositors as well as borrowers. Without collateral loan will be given for low income families through Microfinance Institution. Nine branches have already been opened. And MMB plan to open new branches not only in Yangon but also in other cities in Myanmar.

Myanmar Microfinance Bank will provide several banking services.


MMB For All


To become first ever top ranking Myanmar Microfinance Bank for Myanmar Citizens.


To develop Microfinance Industry and to help Myanmar People.


To satisfactorily fulfill the needs of customers with correctness, accuracy, eagerness and diligence.

Type          : Public Company Limited

Service as   : Investment Bank, Development Bank and also Commercial Bank

Founded     : 2/7/2013

Key People : Chairman

                 : Vice Chairman

Products     : Savings Deposit, Minor Deposit, Current Account, Fixed Deposit, Bank Statement, Loans, Local Remittance,

  : Gift Cheque, Payment Order, Internal Draft and Cheque Purchase (IDCP)

The Objective of the MMB Bank is to reduce the poverty of the grass roots people and to develop the social, educational, health, economic conditions of the grass roots people by opening new bank branches throughout the country. By doing so, the low income family including farmers will gain more access to the needed money.

Contact Information:

Myanmar Microfinance Bank (MMB) (Head Office)
No(31), Corner of Pyay & Mahar Myaing Road, Kyun Taw Road (Middle) Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 01-2306291, 2306292, 2306286.
Fax: 01-2306289, 2306288.
Hot Line: 01-2306290.

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