• Overdraft

- Interest Rate       = 12%


  • Demand Loans

- Interest Rate       = 13%


  • Deposit Loans

- Secured Deposit loan can be applied in Myanmar Microfinance Bank in the hocking of Saving Deposit passbook, Term Deposit without  abasing interest.

- 80% of Deposit can be applied loan.

- Your deposit account will be made stop payment.

- Interest Rate 13%


  • Hire Purchase

Goods sold by Hire Purchase System are as follows;

  1. Electrical and electronic apparatuses:
  2. Office Equipments:                                           
  3. Computer and accessories:
  4. Motor vehicles ,Industrial machineries and generator:
  5. Bicycles and motorbikes:
  6. Agricultural machineries and implements:


One Year

First Down payment          - 20% (or) 30% of selling price

Rental Fees                      - 9% of after paying down payment

Commission                     - 1% of selling price

Monthly repayment must be paid at the first 5 days of the month with 12 times installment.


Requirements for customers.

  • a copy of NRC card;
  • a copy of household registration;
  • a letter of recommendation by the ward/ Village Administration confirming the potential client stays in his ward; and the guarantors of the potential client be a company/ organization/ the following documents are required to submit:
  • Recommendation letter of Department Head of the company.
  • Salary and position must be prescribed with Letter Head.
  • Two dependable persons who are trusted by bank have to sign bond with insurance form for the customer who will act in Hire Purchase.


Requirements for Seller or Dealer

  • a valid company/ organization's registration/ license;
  • Receipts of taxes/ financial statements.
  • From 6, Form 26, Form E, documents relating to members of the organization concerned; and
  • The meeting minutes of the board of directors/ organization mentioning agreement to hire purchase and who is assigned for that purpose. (If there are all necessary documents, the hire purchase can be completed in a day.)
  • The contract of Selling Company and Bank.
  • Guarantee of the Selling Company.
  • The authorized dealer can give guarantee that the deposit 20% of selling price will be paid into the bank.


Authorized Dealer Company with MMB Bank

1. INNWA (IT & Mobile Sale and Services Center)

    No.96, Seik Kan Thar Street (Lower Block), Kyauktada Township , Yangon.

    Ph: 01-373061, 09-73001902, 09-254203046.


2. LINLAT (Mobile Phone Shop)

    No.294, Banyardala Road, Tarmwe Township, Yangon.

    Ph: 09-73022220, 09-5049333, 01-205772.



    No.102, Waiza Yan Tar Road, Corner of Si Pin Street, Ward (3), South Okkalapa Township, Yangon.

    Ph: 09-421051162, 01-566454, 01-562018.


4. i Home (Kitchenware, Fashion, Computer, Mobile & Electronic, Furniture)

    No 169 D, Pyay Road & Yodayar Street, 5 Quarter, (9) Mine, Mayangone Township, Yangon .

    Ph: 09-42100 5888, 09-79610 1777, 01-653453.


5. M9 GROUP COMPANY LIMITED (Samsung Mobile & Electronic Products)

    No(64), Bogyokeaungsan Street, Pazuntaung Township, Yangon.

    Ph: 09-977233208, 01-8610570, 01-8610580, 01-296069 , 01-294283, 01-201542.


6. ROYAL COMET COMPANY LIMITED (Car & Motor Bike Showroom)

    No.79, Room (2), 1st Floor, Nant Thar Street, Htar Nar Ward, Ahlone Township, Yangon.

    Ph: 09-796580481.



    No.2/B/19, U Wisara Road, Myae Ni Gone (South)Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon.

    Ph: 09-5135559, 09-785135559, 09-8629339, 09-73149433.

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