- At initial opening, minimum 1,000/- kyats can be opened for Call Deposit account and the remaining balance amount is minimum 1,000/- kyats.

- Call Deposit maximum amount is no limit.

- Individual (or) Joint (or) Company/ Organizations can open Call Deposit Account.

- Interest rate is calculated on daily basic.

  The rates are as follow:

  Interest rate is,

 -From  1000 Ks    to 100   Lakh  2%

 -From  101 Lakh   to 1000 Lakh  3%

 -From 1001 Lakh  to 2000 Lakh  4%

 -From 2001 Lakh  to 3000 Lakh  5%

 -Above 3000 Lakh                     6%

- Daily interest will be calculated for the customers with daily remaining balance amount. The interest is added to the account of the customer at the end of three month and the customer can withdraw cash at the needed time.

- Call Deposit can be linked with Current Account.

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